Trickle Filter

Trickle Filter

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Trickle Filter | VSZeelandFiltration is considered the most important point for keeping a Koi pond. All fish produce waste that must be filtered or purified from the water. A Trickle Filter is a filter for biological conversion of harmful substances and for enrichment with oxygen from the pond water.

The Trickle Filter is made up of several stacked reservoirs with the technology Triangle Water Flow Module introduced by VSZeeland. Through this system the water spreads through openings in the shape of a triangle pressureless over the first reservoir. Partly through this design, there is a wide range of energy efficient pumps possible without any changes to the Trickle Filter.

The bottoms of the reservoirs are each provided with a wire mesh. On these wire mesh a layer of porous filter material will lie, causing the pond water as a shower to fall into the next reservoir.
In this way the falling water can mix richly with oxygen.
A major advantage of this is that a huge development of bacteria takes place in this oxygen-rich environment.

In the porous material grow bacteria that contribute to the biodegradation of pollution which is in the pond water.
This allows the Trickle Filter to be used as a biological filter.
In addition, the pond water that is extra enriched with oxygen benefits Koi’s growth.

The maintenance of the Trickle Filter can be done in an easy way.each reservoir can be opened at the back so that the filter medium can be maintained or replaced without having to disassemble the Trickle Filter.

In brief
The Trickle Filter contributes to the water through the oxygen addition to a good water quality and Koi growth.
Thanks to the Triangle Water Flow Module and ease of maintenance, this Trickle Filter is a true asset to any Koi lover.