Register Device

Register Device

Clicking the “+ ADD DEVICE” button will take you to the Edit Device page. Here you can easily link the E-Pond Controller to your account by filling in the data in the relevant registration fields.

Registration Settings
The fields below are mandatory fields that must be completed in order to register the E-Pond controller in just 3 steps.

Step 1
❑ Mac Address*
➢ In this field you enter the Mac Address that comes with the E-Pond Controller. By pressing enter, a check takes place on the validity of the Mac address that has been entered.

Step 2
❑ License key*
➢ When the controller is registered for the first time, a free license key is automatically filled in that is valid for 1 year. If the license has expired, the newly purchased license key can be entered here (see topic ‘License management’).

Step 3
❑ Device name*
➢ Enter a name here that you want to give the E-Pond Controller (this can be edited later).
❑ Pond size*
➢ Here you can enter the pond volume (in litres) of your pond (this can be adjusted later).

After filling in the registration fields, click on the “SAVE” button, and on the message that appears, click on ok. Pairing the E-Pond Controller with your account is complete.

» By clicking on the text “Dashboard” in the window after registration, you will arrive at the personal E-Pond dashboard,
» or by clicking on the text “Back to My Devices” you will return to the page My Devices (for more detailed explanation about controller settings see manual).