Bioball Pro Trickling Filtermedia

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Available in 10 liter pack.

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Bioball Pro Trickling Filter Media is an excellent alternative to traditional mineral based filter media and ideal for improved performance in the TrickleFilter.
Bioball Pro Trickling Filter Media is a professional filter media, has a spherical design and a surface area of 220m²/m³.
The large active surface of this filter medium ensures good bacterial growth.
Due to the open and rough structure of this filter medium, the water that falls on the filter medium is broken so that the water can absorb a lot of oxygen.
In contrast to mineral-based filter media, Bioball Pro Trickling Filter Media will not silt up, so that there is almost always a good flow of water, and the bacteria that have settled on the outside and inside of the filter medium can continue to do their job.

Material: Recycled polypropylene.
Weight: 0.55 kg per 10 liter pack.
Filter surface: 2.2 m2 per 10 liter package.

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