E-Pond Koi Feeding System

 895.00 (incl. btw)

A unique and innovative Koi feeding system that automatically gives the right amount of fish food to the fish at all seasons of the year, at the different water temperatures.

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The complete set of E-Pond Koi Feeding System includes a Feeder, Controller with display and a free 1 year license to use the online E-Pond Management software.

Included is the water temperature sensor that is located on the Controller and a plug to connect the Controller to the 220V power grid.
To connect the Controller to the Feeder, it is equipped with a 5 meter long cable with connector (longer cable is possible on request).
Cable length of temperature sensor is 2 meters.
Feed silo content is 8 liters (± 3 kg), larger feed silo content is possible on request.