Koi Landing Net

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Koi Landing Net Ø 80 cm.

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Koi Landing Net Ø 80 cm.

The Koi Landing Net is equipped with a light weight glass fiber reinforced plastic handle. Standard handle length is 2.80 meters.
Prefer a shorter or longer handle? Please contact us about the possibilities.
The hoop is made of round aluminum, making it strong and lightweight. The net is attached to the inside of the aluminum hoop so that the edge of the net does not wear out when moving the hoop over the bottom of the pond. The net is neatly finished so that it cannot cause damage to the Koi. The large net meshes ensure that there is less resistance when moving the net through the water.
The landing net is attached to the handle by means of a plastic adapter that has been developed and produced by us.
All this is fixed with an aluminum reinforcement tube and stainless steel screws.
For a good seal between handle and landing net, 2 rubber O-rings are mounted on the plastic adapter. This is to prevent the handle from filling up with water during the netting of the Koi.

By using high-quality and durable materials and assembling them in a thoughtful way, a long lifespan of the Koi Landing Net is guaranteed.
Because the landing net can be detached from the handle, it is easier to transport the Koi landing net.