Plant Filter

Plant Filter

Posted by ContentAdmin Aug 1, 2017

Plant filter (helophyte filter).

In the construction of a pond, a separate space is created. This space is filled with substrate and pond plants, which then acts as a plant filter (helophyte filter). In this the pond water is pumped. In this space, much sludge has accumulated over the years. This sludge reduces water quality and increases the risk of disease.
Maintenance of the plant filter used in this way is difficult, all substrate must be removed.

By placing a frame on height adjustable legs, where crates with substrate which containing the plants can be placed, a space is created under the crates where the pond water is pumped and can circulate.
plant filter frame

The plant filter frame designed by VSZeeland makes it possible to maintenance the space under the crates and remove the sludge.
plant filter frame

The plant filter frame is tailor made for customers.
If you would like more information about the possibilities, please contact us.
We would like to help you think about making an appropriate design for you.