Innovative feeding device tested by Koi association

Posted by ContentAdmin Jun 19, 2020

Koicave members are allowed to test a new feeding device with special options and features.

Kick-off test with E-Feeder by KoiCave

Posted by ContentAdmin May 17, 2020

Theo de Vliegh “In the current year, KoiCave will test a new automatic feeder with no less than 11 KoiCavers; the E-Feeder from VSZeeland. The automatic feeder can mainly be […]

Koi Landing Net

Posted by ContentAdmin May 1, 2020

Koi Landing Net. Looking for a good quality Koi Landing Net? VSZeeland produces these in-house.

Air Pump shelf

Posted by ContentAdmin Aug 3, 2017

To place the pump on a good and sustainable way VSZeeland has developed a plastic shelf. This board is easy to attach to the wall, for example in a filter […]

Trickle Filter

Posted by ContentAdmin Aug 2, 2017

Filtration is considered the most important point for keeping a Koi pond. All fish produce waste that must be filtered or purified from the water. A Trickle Filter is a […]

Plant Filter

Posted by ContentAdmin Aug 1, 2017

Plant filter (helophyte filter). In the construction of a pond, a separate space is created. This space is filled with substrate and pond plants, which then acts as a plant […]