About us

About us

Bjorn Leeraert is a real specialist in technology. Innovation and development fits him like a glove and you can also count on him for designing solutions. Through a result- and customer-oriented approach, he ensures you that Koi pond products can also be used in your pond.

By gaining knowledge from a real Koi pond hobbyist and combining this knowledge with technology, the idea for VS Zeeland was made. This cooperation has led to a company that focuses on their customers and service. We support, develop and realize quality Koi pond products, both for the private sector as well as for businesses. Whereby service and personal attention are being highly important.

What we do

The purpose of VS Zeeland is to be a partner in realizing your Koi pond. We can do this by providing service and support, through research and development, but also by consulting and formulating your ideas.

Service and Support

We provide service and support to both private and business customers. This could be for example the supply of pumps, an operating system and electronics. We also support the maintenance of the (filter)control system and the adaption of existing pond products. Even when certain pond products are defect, in most cases we can repair these products.

Research, Development and Production

Because we would like to invest in new products and ideas, we investigate the needs and opportunities in the market for pond products. We also develop these new products ourselves. By conducting constant adjustments and testing these products extensively, we can guarantee the quality of these products.

The E-Pond•Management system has also been developed and designed by us.