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VSZeeland stands for Vijver Service Zeeland (Pond Service Zeeland), is your partner in managing, realizing and maintaining your Koi- and swimmingpond systems and supplies. We provide service and support to both private customers and businesses. This could be for example the supply, repair and adjustment of pumps, (filter)control systems and electronics but also the adjustment of existing pond products.

In addition, we do research on pond products and depending on the development of these products, we could actually produce these products. A good example of this is our E-Pond•Management.
This product line consists of a feed machine and controller that is driven by an online tool.

E-Pond•Koi Feeding System brochure

It is also possible for us to make specific parts, in that way there is always a solution to your problem or an answer to your question. Because we always want to do a little more for our customers, you can always come up with ideas and we will be happy to help you with that. We are interested in innovation and development and you will recognize that in our products and services.

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BioBall Pro Trickling Filter Media

Posted by ContentAdmin Jun 7, 2023

VSZeeland has an excellent alternative to traditional mineral-based filter media and ideal for improved performance in the TrickleFilter. Bioball Pro Trickling Filter Media is a professional filter media, has a spherical design and a surface area of 220m²/m³. The large active surface of this filter medium ensures good bacterial growth. Due to the open and […]

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E-Pond Koi Feeding System Brochure

Posted by ContentAdmin Jan 30, 2023

Download the E-Pond Koi Feeding brochure here. Brochure E-Pond Koi Feeding System » […]

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Trickle Filter

Posted by ContentAdmin Jun 9, 2022

VSZeeland designs and builds custom Trickle Filters with our own designed and developed Water Flow Module, so that the water is distributed over the compartments without pressure.Maintenance of the filter material is easy because each compartment can be opened.This way the Filter does not have to be disassembled for maintenance. Advantages of VSZeeland customization:-Dimensions according […]

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The Work Place

INNOVATION & DEVELOPMENT Because we have the design, drawing and production under our own management, we can easily respond to your wishes, whether it is to produce standard products or to produce customized products, we are happy to assist you. In collaboration with you, these products are developed and produced.   By means of a […]

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